Picking up Where I Left off

My weight loss journey continues! I am able to continue on this journey of mine and I am so blessed for this opportunity. I had to pause my journey because I physically hurt myself at one of my jobs. In August I had a surgery on my right side for my SI Joint and in September I had the left side done. If you are more interested in this please visit si-bone.com. There is a cool animated video on there of the surgery I had. I have 3 titatnium implants on both sides of my back.

Before surgery, I physically got to a point where I wanted to give up on life altogether. I even contemplated quitting my job and living on disability. Some days I couldn’t even walk. One day I needed help to the bathroom because my leg felt like it was going to give out on me. That was right before my first surgery. I had my first surgery 2 days before my birthday this year; on August 16th.

Fast forward to today and I am extremely happy that I went through with the surgeries. My aunt is actually the one that convinced me to go see him (Dr. Clay Frank). I was sooooo done seeing all of these doctors because I was sick of not getting any answers for my back.

I am working out again and in fact started Zumba class! I unfortunately have a nasty cold that I am battling right now, but I am hoping to be back at it next week in the gym and back to Zumba. Zumba class is offered through my job at Xperience Fitness during our lunch hour 1/week. The other days I will meet with a trainer at Planet Fitness 4-5/week.

I have gained back almost all of my weight. I weigh around 285-290. Once I am 100% again from this nasty cold I will be weighing myself and taking measurements.

I will hopefully also be writing regularly again!



Back at it!

I haven’t been on here in forever! I let people down including myself. I gained weight and feel like crap. Today I have decided that I’m getting back on track! I ate like crap today but I was celebrating a few things at work and home. My dinner was a salad though. Also, I drank 132oz of water! Back on track and loving it! Will write more when I go grocery shopping and lay out my meals!

New Measurements….Improvements!

New measurements as of 10/28. Has been a little more than a month since the last measurements were taken.

Bust: 44….stayed the same Mid: 41 1/2….an inch lost!

Waist: 44…..stayed the same Hips: 50…..an inch lost!

Thighs: 25.25….lost 1.75 inches!

Calves: 18 1/2….gained 1/2 an inch. I’m doing some crazy exercising in which my calves are gaining some good muscle!

I also have gotten to 232lbs recently! I am in between 232-234. I am trying to get to 230 by this Monday, November 4th. I can see it happening. I have been working out everyday recently. Gave myself off on Sunday. I will be skipping today because I will be out of town tonight. I burned 870 calories last night at the gym! I would like to get up to working out for 2 hours a time everyday.

Also, not sure if I posted about this but I ran for 12 mins straight without stopping recently! People do not realize what an amazing accomplishment this is. I’ve never been able to do this including when I was younger and a young child even. I am up to a level of 55 on the arc machine. I do certain programs now on the machine to switch up my exercises. I never thought to stretch in between exercising but it is seeming to help. I really cannot wait until I hit 230, then 220, then 210, and then finally 200! Here’s to more accomplishments, and a new healthier and happier life!



New update!

I haven’t written in a while and I just wanted to update on my weight loss and how things have been. A few weeks ago I got a bad cold and had a whole bunch of other icky things happening so I was unable to work out. I gained about 4lbs because of this which is of course very frustrating.

As soon as I was better I got back to it and have lost the weight I gained. I’m around 234.6 right now. I’ve been working my ass off trying to get to 230 before I go back to see my doctor!

I have been eating salads once a day for a meal and eating fruits and more veggies. I still work out 5 x’s a week and last night I ran for 12 mins straight! It was only .80 of a mile but 12 mins straight is a best for me. I felt like I was on top of the world! I felt like I was one of those skinny people at the gym who just run and run and run! Ha

I will be measuring myself this coming Monday and I’m excited to see where I am with that! Doing pretty good and I feel pretty damn good!

There are two pictures of my pants that are a size 18 skinny jeans! Love them! Before I couldn’t breath in them when I bought them and now they fit comfortably!

Until Monday!



Measured Myself!

I’ve been completely frustrated as earlier stated! I haven’t lost a pound in quite some time. A new thing I wanted to start doing was taking my measurements! Besides weighing myself today I also did that. I can’t remember the exact date that I first did it so I chose September 2nd as my first measurement date.

9/2/13 Measurements:

Bust: 47 1/2                            Mid: 43 1/2                         Waist: 46 1/2

Hips: 52                                   Thighs: 27 1/2                     Calves: 18


9/23/13 Measurements:

Bust: 44                                Mid: 42 1/2                         Waist: 44

Hips: 51                                Thighs: 27                           Calves: 18


I am extremely excited for this progress! I may not have lost a pound recently but I AM INDEED losing inches! I don’t mind NOT seeing much of a difference in my thighs and calves because I can absolutely feel the muscle I’ve gained in them! So happy and now more determined to continue on!


Okay, I weighed myself and I am the same….AGAIN! I am getting so damn frustrated! I’ve been working my ass off! I now think I need to eat salads everyday for lunch and cut down on the carbs again. I drink a ton of water a day. I said I would add in more fruits and veggies which I tried but didn’t quite accomplish yet. I’m going to try hard again. Another thing I was doing was not eating past 9 o’clock! I think I may change that to 7 or 8. I have to try something because I don’t know what else to do! I do feel smaller. And I will be taking my measurements today sometime!


New scale!

So I bought a new scale. The other one just didn’t seem to be working properly but my aunt is still using it. When I would step on it it wouldn’t turn on all the time. That’s why I decided to get the new one.

I finally decided to weigh myself every other week. I feel that I will see better results and won’t get down on myself then. So I did not weigh myself today but instead I will be weighing myself next Monday! I am also taking measurements now too!